Fundraising Event 2022

Join us for 42 years of growth of Muni Seva Ashram!

Jai Shree Krushn

Muni Seva Charitable Foundation (A Non-Profit Organisation under 501(C)3) is hosting several meetings in several cities across the U.S.A in September. Meet with Dr. Vikram Patel (Chairperson Muni Seva Ashram) & also with other like-minded philanthropists. Get to know about the activities and projects taken up by the NGO, Muni Seva Ashram located at Goraj.

The schedule is as below:

Date Location Contact Person Contact No
September 8 - 10 New York - NJ Dr. Yogendra Patel
Dr. Ramesh Jhaveri 
+1 (718) 877-8774
+1 (973) 600-5570
Mayur Dalal
Atul Kothari
+1 (917) 359-4818
+1 (201) 952-3500
September 11 Cincinnati Kirit Patel +1 (765) 977-2500
September 15 Des Moines, Iowa Maulik Shroff +1 (515) 779-9240
September 17 Orlando, Florida Dr. Yogendra Shah +1 (330) 204-3568
September 18 Atlanta Sonal Amin +1 (678) 266-0837
September 20 - 23 North Carolina Bansi Shah  +1 (336) 682-8796
September 24 Los Altos, CA Samir Patel +1 (650) 428-0817
September 25 Fullerton, CA Drs Arun Patel
Anjana Patel
Samir Patel
+1 (714) 686-2075

+1 (650) 428-0817

Anuben began her work in a small hut. Today, MSA has grown into a more than 300-acre campus, providing rural India's needs in healthcare, education, social care, and renewable & sustainable energy. MSA is truly a pioneer in eco-friendly technologies.

At MSA, nobody is discriminated against for religion, caste, creed, language or financial wherewithal. Nobody is denied service for lack of funds. Quality is never compromised even for ~60% who get discounted service and ~20% who get free service at MSA.

We are looking forward to seeing you at one of these events. Please share this information with your friends and relatives requesting them to visit the event in a citan near them.